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Earn More Money At The Closing Table (continued)


Effective owners will not "cash out" when selling their properties, because it creates too much of a tax burden and subsequent loss of hard earned equity.  When these owners do decide to sell, they will either use a tax-deferred exchange, UPREIT, or an installment sale - not all cash up front.  They also seek out the professionals for help.

6.  STAY FULLY INFORMED                                 

By keeping in touch with market changes on a national and local level these owners are always in a position to make informed
decisions about the operation of their apartment properties.  They subscribe to newsletters and on-line publications, and keep in contact with their sphere of professionals.


Remember that after you sell you have 45 days to identify a property and 180 days to close on it, OR the anniversary of your tax year - whichever comes first.   There are many guidelines you will need to follow and additional documentation that will need to be completed for the exchange.  Get competent legal assistance and keep the IRS happy.

Real Estate Investing

Client Of The Month

Having adequate knowledge in investment situations can mean the difference between making a profit or creating a loss.  Consequently knowing what you can do, and how to do it, is extremely important.

The professional Commercial Real Estate Broker is in a position to represent his clients in real estate transactions by setting up sales, exchanges, leases, option contracts, financing referrals and management of the property.  A professional  real estate practitioner stays aware of current tax laws and court decisions in order to structure transactions, but does not give legal or tax advice unless, of course, he is an attorney or CPA.  Complex transactions that may result in significant changes to an owners legal or tax situation should involve other members of the owners consulting team such as his attorney and tax advisor.  We always recommend consulting with these professionals during the planning and closing of major real estate transactions. 

We consider ourselves the heart of your professional team in creating the real estate transactions that will enhance your portfolio.  Starting with your present position and goals, we set out to help you achieve those goals in an orderly and efficient way and are available at any time to evaluate your present portfolio and to review your plans for future acquisitions.